Photo by Chandler Kidd

Photo by Chandler Kidd


Covering Subfringe culture

You are probably thinking “What is sub fringe culture?”.

Volume 11 is highlighting the culture of the NYC burner/rave/dance nightlife through immersive journalistic coverage. I began Volume 11 while I was in undergrad with a broad idea of covering arts and music, but my stories were never about the event—I dug deeper. Looking back, I hadn’t found my voice as a journalist so I moved to NYC to get my master of science from the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. The program allowed me to try stories like NSFW (New Society For Wellness) and flower essence therapy. I began to find that I enjoyed being in uncomfortable situations that push the social constructs of society.

Volume 11 covers the uncomfortable topics like polyamory, sex clubs, Burning Man, raves, fashion, profiles, photography and a podcast.

“Too Weird To Live, Too Rare to Die”-Hunter S. Thompson