When I was 11 rock n roll influenced my life. At the time I was unaware that it would shape my career. 

Volume 11 is a blog dedicated to highlighting local, national and upcoming artists throughout the nation. Volume 11 also highlights music and music culture, such as makeup and fashion looks within the industry. 

In 2019 I discovered my love for house music through exploring the underground subcultures of New York City. This year Volume 11 is shifting gears and will be shedding light on polyamory, sex clubs, LGBTQ stories and Burning Man culture.

Music journalism is a powerful platform to tell the unheard stories of rock n roll-Volume 11 is here to produce those unheard stories for readers to share, learn and embrace. 

Chandler Kidd, Volume 11 founder and graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BA in journalism. She currently is a graduate student at Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.

When Chandler isn't consumed by the crazy world of journalism, she can be found preparing for her first Burning Man, dancing at raves or doing yoga. 

Photo taken by  Alexa Ace

Photo taken by Alexa Ace