Flock of Pigs Debuts Swine Flu


Grubby and messy imply the metaphor ‘pig pen’ but, not for Norman band Flock of Pigs. The ‘pig pen’ refers to the living room where life gets real Joe Lee, OU music performance senior and Flock of Pigs violist and vocalist said.


“I think pig pen is appropriate we’re a little dirty, not literally dirty but its portrayed in our show. We aren’t trying to go for a clean cut image that’s not us,” Lee said.


The band is composed of Lee; Patrick Richardson, bassist; Nick Lovatto, drums and OU sociology junior; Riley Richardson, trombone; Ben Renfrow, guitarist and OU sociology senior; and Wyatt Helms, who plays keys and clarinet.


The Flock first performed at Norman Music Festival in April 2016. The band has a hip-hop, reggae and rock 'n' roll influence.


The band will release its new EP "Swine Flu," featuring six unique songs, and will play at the Opolis Friday, Aug. 25 at 10 p.m. Volume 11  had a chance to sit down and talk with the band. Here’s what they had to say.


Q: What is new with this album "Swine Flu?"

Lee: “We got the inspiration from a friend. We were at Norman Music Festival, and when we are all together, we flock together. They made a comment about 'Oh, the swine flu is here.' It kind of just stuck. We are also kind of just dirty and sick. It just made sense to name the EP that.”

Patrick Richardson: “We're the pigs. The music is infectious.” 


Q: How have you been able to distinguish yourself?

Lee: “We just want people to express themselves, people identify with that. Everyone wants to have fun, dance and get down.”

Renfrow: “I've been in bands for a long time, but one thing I have noticed from being in this band that I have enjoyed is that people seem to enjoy our shows because they want to have fun. A lot of times people stand there, listen and absorb instead of actively participating. Just as if you are going to a party and want to have a fun Friday night, I feel like we give that good vibe as we want to have fun.”


Q: If you guys could tell yourselves what you know now compared to a year ago, what would that be?

Renfrow: “We've gone through a lot. We played like 50 shows. That’s like one a week. We're very busy. Half of us go to school. Half of us have careers. We also have something driven by passion. We have had a lot of trials at an individual and collective level. There is a morale thing. If there is low morale, we all feel it.”

Lovatto: “I would tell myself that you are going to be real tired.”


Q: After this show, what is next for FOP?

Renfrow: “I think, after the show and the EP release, we are going to have a momentum thing we are going to keep doing. We're going to focus on keeping on, putting out new stuff.”

Lee: “Ben has been spending a lot of time making the songs full, and we get to go back to having some brews and jamming around. That’s one of my favorite parts besides recording.”


To listen to the EP 'Swine Flu' visit their Bandcamp page.