OKC Based Monikers Releasing New Album in September


OKC Based Monikers Releasing New Album in September

August 7, 2017

Monikers band is composed of Ben Rowland 25 and plays keys and backing vocals and Clay Milford 25 and plays guitar and sings. Rowland and Milford met while attending Southern Nazarene University located in Bethany, Oklahoma in 2012. 

The two first met at training for First Bethany Bank and at the time Clay had long hair down to his shoulders he said. 

Monikers will release their new album Mon1kers on September 8 for more information on this exciting, outgoing and honest band that reflects in their music and sound read my Q&A with the band. 


How did you get started together?



"While training for the job at First Bethany Bank my hair was down to my shoulders and Ben looked at me and he was like 'oh you play an instrument don't you?' and I was like 'yeah I do it's probably the hair'. In 2014 I was recording some stuff on Ableton just messing around with that 'dancy' sound that I knew Ben was into. I texted him saying 'Hey Man, we always talked about doing music together. I got some stuff you might want to look at that you might think is cool. After that text, he sent me back the chord progression that is on the song now. I texted him saying we should get together this weekend and Ben said 'That sounds awesome' but, didn't text me back for two years. After two years, in 2014, he finally texted me back saying 'We still good for Saturday?' We got together and wrote a few of the songs that we play live today and started it up.



So, Ben why did you not text him back?


Clay "That's a great question"

Ben "I honestly don't know. I was just in college, applying for nursing school and was really busy. I am really bad at answering text messages."


You have an album coming out, tell me a little bit about that?


Clay- “As of now it’s going to have13 tracks on it. We put out an EP on July 29 of 2016. About a third of the album is going to be from that EP. The other 9 are brand new but, have been played live. We feel that it really runs the gamut We both love different types of music, Ben can actually read music and is skilled classically. I just took guitar lessons and noodled my way around it. We both love electronic stuff, rock, disco and this and that. We didn’t try to make a bunch of songs that don’t sound like each other, it just kind of happened.”


Ben- “We recorded it all in my house”


Did you have anyone help or did you self-produce the album?


Clay “All the writing and tracking is us. As far as mixing and mastering we have a couple of friends in the studio at SNU that are helping us. Zach Lucero and Ken Rosfeld are helping us out. It’s definitely not us handing our tracks out and having them do what they will, we are pretty picky”


Are there are local shows or tours coming out?


Clay- “We have a lot out in the city. We have about three shows in September and two shows in October. We have thought about branching out into Dallas. As far as an organized tour we don’t have anything planned at the moment.”


Is there something you could tell your younger selves as beginning musicians what would it be?


Ben “If I would have known that recording music was possible at a younger age I would have done that. I also would have started playing with bands in high school instead of playing classical piano by myself and then finally playing with Clay when I was 24. I got into recording when I was 20”


Clay “I would tell my young self to tell more people about liking music. When I first started playing I didn’t want to be the guy that whipped the acoustic guitar out at a cook out and everybody is like ‘Oh gosh freaking Devin is at it again with his acoustic guitar’. I never wanted to be that guy and so I never really liked telling people ‘Oh I love music’ because than they say ‘Oh play me something!’. I always kept music to myself, I don’t know why because I have played since I was 10 and that is kind of stupid. I wish I would have joined bands at a younger age. I didn’t start trying in a group until I was 19. I didn’t learn how to handle myself in a band and things I like and don’t like until I was older. Just be more proud of the ability that you do have. In music nobody wants to appear like they don’t know what they are doing when in fact most of the time they don’t know what they are doing. It is just like life.”


For more information on the local pysch-pop band, Monikers, visit their Facebook page or Instagram for the latest information.