The Start of Volume 11

When I was in fifth grade no school subject seemed to intrigue me other than reading. At the age of four I taught myself how to read and was hooked on reading multiple books a day to pass time and pretend I was the protagonist within every story.


To this day I still enjoy the trace stench of opening an ancient library book. Reading influences not only the mind it also leaves a mark on those who dedicate free time to exploring his or her creative side. Even at the age of four I knew that I had a gift of storytelling and that pursuing a form of storytelling, as a career would be wise.


One day I had teacher who decided to change my life for the greater good and showed me how truly amazing writing can be if you dedicate your mind and soul to the hobby. I fell in love instantly. It was the first time in my life I characterized a school subject as fun and entertaining.


I am one of the lucky ones and at age 11 I knew that when I was starting my career I wanted to become a journalist and tell the entire universe what was going on in the unexplored corners of the Earth. I began to read news stories from USA Today, CNN and the New York Times even if I didn’t grasp the mature content that my eyes were soaking up; I still enjoyed how the word flowed together.


After a ballet class in Tulsa, OK I went to the nearest Borders with my mother and picked up my first issue of Rolling Stone magazine. After reading this issue I knew that I wanted to become a music journalist and working for Rolling Stone would become my ultimate goal. I still have the September 2009 issue under my bed in my hometown. Although the pages are crinkled and ripped that issue will forever hold a piece of my heart and spirit.


I currently am a student at the University of Oklahoma and will graduate with a B.A. degree in Journalism with an online focus and a minor in Sociology in May 2018. As a student at OU many organizations have opened countless doors for myself and other students. The OU Daily has provided me with a solid journalistic foundation that has not only helped my writing become consistent but, has shaped me as a human being.


This past year I spent many long enduring months of hardcore journalism classes. I am blessed to be a student of Gaylord College at the University of Oklahoma where all of my professors have won major awards, a few have even received a Pulitzer Prize for their beyond astounding work while in the field. Journalism isn’t easy; in a way reporters much like dancers make the process appear effortless. While being a full time student, I am also a full time reporter at the OU Daily as an Arts and Entertainment reporter.  


As a student I often get lost within my schoolwork and reporting at the Daily that I forget to write for myself. This year I have decided to dedicate my time to a new and improved music blog brought to the world by yours truly. I am excited to give myself this promise because; I get to practice projecting my voice and push creative boundaries.


This blog will be labeled as Volume 11. The magazine will be available to look at on the blog. In the fall of 2016 I created a 10-page magazine that focused on music with a main audience of young women (although men have enjoyed the layout of the magazine as well). I want this blog to be portrayed to the same audience.


Volume 11 will include podcasts, album reviews of local and national musicians, music venues and just other women or men being badass within the music community. Most of all Volume 11 focuses on bringing good vibes to all who read the content.


I welcome you to my quirky project, I hope you enjoy!