Sawyer Fredericks talks About New Album


Sawyer Fredericks

Volume 11

Sitting in the green room next to Norman, Oklahoma’s well-known micro-venue, The Opolis, Volume 11 met with Sawyer Fredericks, the season 8 winner of “The Voice”.

When Fredericks was on “The Voice” he was just 16 years old, now two years later he still wears his hair long just like in the show.

As he sat on the couch in the green room he wore, denim skinny jeans, a graphic black tee and next to him sat a fedora.

During the show, he said he got his first hat at 12 years old and has been wearing them since.


In the green room Fredericks was laid back and comfortable, this same energy carried to his performance. He sounds like Ray LaMontagne, but he dresses like Jimi Hendrix with a fedora twist.

Fredericks belts out wailing folk rock notes along with crisp guitar sounds that mixed beautifully with the cold fall night in Norman, Oklahoma.

With his band Unfounded, Fredericks is about to release his new album “Hide Your Ghost”. Here is what Sawyer Fredericks had to say to Volume 11.


Vol11: How has your journey changed since starting out?

SF: "I started off doing open mics and started doing performances at farmers markets,

I kept doing performances, its how the Voice found me. They scouted me out on YouTube.


Vol11: How is working with family?

SF: "It's definitely hard being away from family while you are on tour, I really enjoy keeping family with me and genuinely like and being around"


Vol11: Tell me about your life in a small town located in upstate New York?

SF: “When I think of home I think of the farm that I live on which doesn't ever really change.

Every time I get back from the tour I am always happy to help with work on the farm"


Vol11: Is being on tour different than what you expected?

SF: "It is kind of what I expected. There is stuff you don't realize, we try to conserve the waste. We realized how much waste you produce while you’re on tour. You go through all these plastic water bottles and everything"



Vol11: What is the next step?

SF: "We've been working on Hide Your Ghost album, it is completely finished, it just needs to be mixed and mastered. After that we are just going to be dong more touring and performing"

Vol 11: Any advice?

SF: “It is actually some advice that Pharrell gave me while I was on the show. It was ‘don’t read the comments’, he meant don't read any of the comments because, any of the comments can get into your head and you can start catering to the audience and not yourself”