Opinion: Flaming Lips+Mac Demarco Concert Review

The Flaming Lips+Mac Demarco concert was an opportunity that my peer Alexa Ace invited me to through Gold Hand Girls, in no way was I there for Volume 11. This is a personal review (hence why I stated Opinion in the headline) 


Wayne Coyne

With Gold Hand Girls


Nothing screams I'm Wayne Coyne more than appearing on stage wearing: a full red pant suit, adorned with a black breast plate, a plastic gold dollar sign necklace, an eye patch with glitter and a tail. After 34 years of being the frontman for the Oklahoma based band The Flaming Lips nothing could shock fans, or could it?

Then Wayne disappeared stage right after a balloon popping frenzy during Race For The Prize. Suddenly, as if parting the Red Sea, Wayne was riding a neon unicorn singing There Should Be Unicorns while tossing glitter in the air. 

Through his friendship with Miley Cyrus, Wayne Coyne was able to showcase his traditional pysch pop sound that is The Flaming Lips on the album Oczy Mlody which was released in 2017. Reminding psychedelic lovers where there love started perhaps, with the Flaming Lips. 

As the venue continue to explode with confetti and rainbow colored lights, Wayne reemerges on stage with a huge silver balloon reading "FUCK YEAH DALLAS" into a crazed crowd of fellow Flaming Lips fans. Some fans wore dinosaurs on top of their heads, others gazed into the colored lights in awe and one fan even wore a Fred Flinstone outfit.


Throughout the two hour show fans, including myself, were reminded how love can travel throughout a colorful rock galaxy-especially when Wayne himself emerged in a hamster ball belting David Bowies "Space Oddity". Leaving the fans in awe and a few in tears. 

The concert was filled with a mix of the old and new Flaming Lips drawing in a crowd of all ages-it was even a young girls first show. After the concert she was seen picking up confetti and throwing it in the air. Wayne ended the setlist under an inflatable rainbow singing "Do You Realize". Telling the audience to tell someone you love the magical words "I love You" 

I left the magical Flaming Lips ride with my life changed and confetti in my eyeball. A night I wouldn't regret.