Life on The Farm

Before I begin my personal recap of Bonnaroo, I would like to explain while Volume 11 has been un-active for a small period of time. At the beginning of my final semester in college, I was physically assaulted while out with my friends. This is something I do not mind to talk (and will if you ask), but I needed to focus on two things after that incident: graduating from the University of Oklahoma and figuring out my move to NYC. My thoughts were cloudy and therefore would not have added quality content to Volume 11. I truly believe that quality over quantity is truly what matters-especially in today's media atmosphere. This fall I will be attending Columbia University for the graduate journalism program. I am honored and thrilled to focus on branding myself as a journalist and improving my writing. I will have plenty of time to continue to do what Volume 11 does but in New York City. With this being said, enjoy my recap of Bonnaroo and look out for more Volume 11 posts in the near future. 

Life on The Farm-Manchester, Tennessee

 Bonnaroo first greeted me after 7 hours on the road. I cracked open my eyes and saw an interstate sign gleaming in orange fluorescent lettering that read 'Bonnaroo Traffic ahead'. The entire trip my heart had been fluttering-I had been looking forward to Bonnaroo since the pre-sale tickets went on sale. Finally, I was a few hours away from unpacking a Toyota SUV, setting up camp and spending four days with good friends. Bonnaroo was just one of my many firsts during those days-my first time to camp, first festival, first time without a shower for days, first dreadlock and first time feeling truly alive.

After my group pulled into camp Clark Griswald the magic of Bonnaroo set in. I truly was in a field in the middle of Tennessee about to hear amazing artists, with a one of a kind lineup and see it all from a unique perspective. My own perspective. I decided to go all in with the experience and live each set to the fullest. Bonnaroo is a place where no one is judged and where good vibes and high fives go hand in hand.

Laying on my back at The Other stage while wearing a neon pink American Apparel skater dress, butterfly wings, and kaleidoscope glasses I noticed truly how much music I was being exposed too. I could hear That Tent play a band with many fans singing along, I could hear frogs gurgling in the woods, I felt the grass beneath my back and the clouds in the night sky gently float by. Even the trees glistened peaceful colors of lavender, shamrock, carrot and bubblegum pink. This festival was geared towards lovers of music, gypsy souls, free spirits, wanderers, lovers and most of all music junkies.  

Explaining Bonnaroo to the people closest to me has been difficult to put into words. It didn't matter how far my campsite was from center roo or how close I was to each concert set possible. It was about opening every pore of your body to the beauty and magic that Bonnaroo can bring your soul. Hearing each morning someone over a loudspeaker say 'Good Morning Bonnaroo' is the best sound in the world. Bonnaroo is full of endless possibilities. Go experience it for yourself.