'I Hope You're Happy'-Blue October review


Photo provided by Reybee Inc

Blue October will release their ninth studio album on August 17 with a revamped sound. The Texas-based band contains Matt Noveskey bass, brothers Jeremy and Justin Furstenfled drummer and frontman and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Delahoussaye.

            For new fans, the alternative beats in the background and ‘happier’ lyrics aren’t shocking. But, for fans who have followed Blue October since 1998, ‘I Hope You’re Happy’ is everything besides dark, grungy and twisted lyrics from the bands past.

            Although Blue October is also having a documentary following their seedy moments, Furstenfled’s first studio album captures a mature sound. ‘I hope You’re Happy’ captures the somber direction the band is heading towards. With production control remaining in-house, the true sound Blue October wishes to follow can happen. After their release of ‘Home’ in 2016, this new studio album wishes to introduce to new and old fans.

            The new album features 12 tracks, Furstenfled also took ‘I Hope You’re Happy’ to new into a brand new cheerful vibe. If you have heard the song ‘Into the Ocean’ you know that the sound is usually, in a way, depressing. Furstenfled has gone in the opposite direction, following the alternative beats that are in almost every alternative song in 2018. For fans of Bleachers, this album will have you begging for more.

            Many tracks mix the seedy background with cheerful lyrics and beats, ‘Daylight’ does a fantastic job of mixing Justin Furstenfled’s voice and showcases the new direction in the opening track. Another interesting track on the album is ‘Your Love is Like a Car Crash’ these beats evoke a dreamy element to Blue October’s sound, truly this track captures the bands maturity with this in house album. Creating a new stepping stone is hard, but Blue October pushed the envelope and even added a snippet from their past with ‘Colors Collide’.

            ‘I Hope You’re Happy’ is the perfect album for 2018, it shows all sides of what is currently going on in the world and shows how no matter the past a new light can shine through. To watch Blue October's 'I Hope You're Happy' music video click here.