The Nectars, East Coast band redefines alternative music

Stepping out of the distinguishable daffodil colored NYC taxi, I quickly entered The Delancey located in New York City. Under the subdued red glow of the lights, I ducked into the micro-venue to speak with The Nectars. 

The Nectars are an up and coming alternative punk band from the New Jersey suburbs. The band consists of Jessica Kenny (vocalist), Jon Paul (bass/vocals), Mike Montalbano (drummer) and Michael Baron (guitar/vocals). Each member has been practicing music from a young age, resulting in an obvious passion for what they do and how they create it. 

With a niche sound that has incorporated alternative, punk, rock and funk The Nectars have a solid show with a thunderous stage presence. Drawing inspiration form Nirvana, Paramore, The Killers and The Strokes the audience didn't really know what to expect to emerge from Kenny's mouth. 

The Nectars did not disappoint, especially when Kenny sang 'I Want It', their newest single which evokes the bands quirky acid rock feel. Truly, defining a one sound for The Nectars cannot be done, due to the bands ability to combine every sound into one cohesive unit. 

Personally when Kenny belted out a King Krule cover, 'Easy, Easy' I knew The Nectars will evolve into a well-known band. Perhaps along the way influencing other bands along the way. If you have a chance to see The Nectars live in the New Jersey and New York City area-do not miss it. 

Another amazing moment is when the band performed one of their favorite songs live 'Tired', the presence and ability to show the passion while being professional and sing a song was delightful to experience. 

Before the show I had the chance to interview The Nectars, heres some of what was talked about during Volume 11's interview. 

Volume 11: Being from Jersey and getting into the NYC music scene how do you distinguish yourself and make The Nectars unique and known?

Michael-I don’t think we focus on staying away from what others are doing, it is more of doing what we want to do. I guess we kind of figure out the stuff we like. We stick to our Jersey roots for sure and that distinguishes us I guess.

Mike-We also play any shows we can get, kind of seperates us too. Some bands are picky about that, but we just want to play.

Volume 11: Where do you draw inspiration from in your songs?

Jessica-Each individual member has different influences, but when it comes to the band I always say Nirvana. Wolf Alice and Courtney Barnett are what influence me.


Volume 11: What is a goal for the band in the near and distant future?

Jessica-Definitely playing at festivals.

Michael-We have new songs coming out every month, we just released a new song called ‘I Want It’ and releasing our debut album towards the end of April. We are just trying to get all this stuff out, play as many shows as possible and get ourselves out there as far as possible.

Jessica-Definitely trying to get more people into The Nectar Fam.

Volume 11: As a female vocalist, what tips do you have for other female vocalist andhow to get into the industry as a whole?

Jessica-I have been doing it my whole life, people ask me how do you do what you do. It is the only thing that doesn’t give me anxiety is singing. If you have a passion just do it and don’t think about doing anything else, but doing it. Just nurture your craft and don’t care what others think. Just do it.

Volume 11: What challenges has the band faced and how have you overcame those challenges?

Jessica-There is always going to be some sort of rejection. Not everyone is going to like you, follow you or get what you are doing. I wouldn’t say it is a challenge, but I mean you just have to not give a fuck and keep doing whatever the fuck you want. Don’t expect everyone to love you all the time.

Michael-Other people in the industry try to define who you are and what yoru sound is as a band. You just kind of have to silent that shit and just do whatever feels right to us and spread our message the way we see it.

Volume 11: How does it feel to be recognized and have people know who you are?

Jessica-It feels fucking awesome. This (The Nectars) is everything to us. To feel llove and have people reciprocate the love is powerful and beautiful.

Michael- This is what we spend our energy on and spend our time on. It is the best thing.

For more information on The Nectars, follow them @TheNectarsMusic on Twitter and Instagram. Their music is also available to listen to on Spotify. 

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